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Based on what you have learned about Epigenetics and the


Based on what you have learned about Epigenetics and the role you can play in developing a supportive environment, you will design a developmentally and culturally environment, that supports all Domains of Development outlined in NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development (NCFELD)  in a child care center and to evaluate your design.


It is August 1st and you are preparing your classroom for the upcoming school year. You will be working in a preschool classroom with 18 preschool age (4-5 years of age) children from various socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. It is important to note that some of the children in your classroom have been identified as “at risk” as described in Chapter 1-4b.  You are the lead teacher, and you will have 1 teaching assistant. You and your assistant have 1 week to prepare the classroom to meet the needs of this diverse group of children developmentally appropriate and culturally environment before you begin home visits to meet each of the children that will be in your classroom and their families. Be sure to use NC Foundations as a guide to setting up your classroom. All NCFELD developmental domains must be considered in the design.

 Focus Assignment: 50 Points

Create a floorplan, classroom schedule, and materials inventory for an appropriate interactive environment for preschoolers (age 4-5) that is backed up with current knowledge on child development. 

You may use any format to complete the floorplan, however, it must be neat, organized, and readable. If you sketch the design, submit it in color. I have included an example of what each of the 3 sections of the focus assignment should look like. In the example, I used WORD to build a classroom design using the shapes and labels feature to represent the equipment required in a quality environment. Note that the example pages may or may not reflect developmentally and culturally appropriate space for preschool age children. It is up to you to do your own research to make that determination. What I included is just a sample, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list. You will submit the research assignment in a PowerPoint presentation. 

  • Floorplan design
    • Label the furniture and large equipment. 
    • Label stationary items such as windows, doorways, and shelving attached to walls.
      • Consider Each of the NCFELD Developmental Domains in the classroom design. 
  • Provide a detailed inventory of developmentally appropriate materials and equipment for the age group. 
    • The inventory must be categorized by appropriate learning centers
      • Consider Each of the NCFELD Developmental Domains as you select materials. 
  • Outline a daily routine/schedule that is developmentally appropriate for the age group.
    • As you develop the daily routine, think about how you will ensure wholistic teaching and learning practices where are NCFELD developmental domains are supported is taking place.

Self Reflection: 50 Points 

1. In your self-reflection, explain how this floor plan addresses specific state standards such as square footage requirements, group size for floor plan, child to teacher ratio, etc. 
(40 points).                                                                           

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