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Discussion Directions Students will need to post a link to


Discussion Directions

Students will need to post a link to an article from Wall Street Journal regarding a current event (something in the last 60 days before each post) regarding a topic of your choice from related Chapters. 

The Post 

Here are some topics to consider from chapters 1 – 3: (Choose 1 of them)

  • Financial management – shareholder wealth maximization, objectives of the firm’s management, corporate structure, agency relations, scandals, etc…
  • Financial statements – accounting statements, book value and market value, accounting income and cash flow, average tax rates and marginal tax rates, and a firm’s cash flow, ratio analysis, Du Pont analysis. 
  • Financial planning and growth- financial planning, forecast, long-term growth, sustainable growth, external financing, growth options, determinants of growth. 

Please summarize the article/events, comment on how it relates to the chapter materials, and how it applies to the real-world and Financial Management issues.You will be evaluated on how current the article is, how closely it relates to the topics in the chapters, and the quality of the contribution to the discussion in class. Your post should be 200-250 words. 

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