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I attached the first 2 assignments Introduction This final assignment

I attached the first 2 assignments


This final assignment is the culmination of the research paper and a continuation of the first two assignments.  Specifically, you will finish your research paper and provide your analysis in a fully completed project. 


Your paper will contain:

1)  All previous sections turned in with Assignment #1 and Assignment #2 but corrected and modified to incorporate the critiques from the first and second assignments.

2) A 2-3-page analysis and/or discussion section discussing the results of your research. 

3)  An appropriate conclusion which should discuss future research surrounding your topic.


The format of your research proposal including the literature review should:

1) Be a total of 13-15 pages in length not including title page and references (this is the length of the previous assignment plus the addition of a literature review).  In intelligence writing, succinctness counts so points will be deducted if your proposal is longer than 18 pages (not including title page or references).

2) Include a title page, proposal body, and a reference page (title and reference page are not included within the page count). You do NOT need an abstract or table of contents.

3) Have a 1-inch border on all four sides, use Times New Roman-12 point font, be double spaced, and not have an extra space in between paragraphs.

4) Have all references and citations are in the Chicago author/date format. This information is from the Master’s Capstone Manual and it should help you develop your research proposal.

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