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****Only use the following dataset for drafting the project:

 ****Only use the following dataset for drafting the project:

This is a team assignment. Each team must use the R tool to use for the project.Your team will select a dataset from Kaggle that will be used for their project.Teams will be from 1 to 3On Friday evening, teams will meet for the residency weekend and put together a one page proposal that must be reviewed and approved by the professor that states:

  1. The problem to solve.
  2. The data sources to pull from.
  3. The tool that will be used (R)
    1. Note high level graphics that will be used to solve the problem and how they will be used.

On Saturday, teams will reconvene and complete the following:

  1. There must be a through data plan this includes:
    1. Where the data is online
    2. How you know the data is accurate and the plan for ensuring accuracy.
    3. An import of the data into the selected tool.
  2. A paper that includes:
    1. The data plan mentioned above
    2. The problem- note the description and why it’s a problem and how you are going to make a recommendation with the data presented.
    3. The analysis of why the data will solve the issue.
    4. Graphical representation and formulas.  The screenshots of the formulas in the tool must be present. 
    5. A summary of the consideration and evaluation of results
      1. This includes your teams’ final analysis of the problem and the resolution.

Note: The paper and data sheet (this is the raw data that will be imported into the tool) must be turned in before the end of the day on Saturday. 

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