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School system is a big and a very important part

School system is a big and a very important part of a smart city. Quality education is one of the most important basic needs of humans. Having a regular school is great but to make just a city a smart city schools must also become a smart school. So, what makes the Smart schools smart? Let’s look at the requirements:

  • Smart schools must have an emergency notification system that will auto trigger messages to police, fire, ambulance services and parents as well if any emergency like fire or flooding occurs. This is a must have requirement because the safety of the children should be the utmost priority of a school and city so with current technologies, we can effectively cover the emergency.
  • Smart Schools should support both online and in person classrooms so that with any reason if a student should remain at home can attend the class and not miss any sessions. Recordings of lectures can be posted in an online hub that students have access to.

With the above requirements fulfilled we will strive towards having a smart school which is a big part of a smart city so this will be a key to turn the city into a smart city. In the future smart schools can accommodate smart transportation systems and other areas as well. 

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