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The article should be recent (ideally within approximately six weeks


The article should be recent (ideally within approximately six weeks of the due date) and feature some aspect of international business.  Sources for the articles may be newspapers, news magazines, journals, or legitimate internet websites.  As part of that assignment, you will be required to submit a one-page written report detailing a summary and analysis in the following format:

  • Name of Article
  • Author of Article
  • Source of Article (newspaper, journal, internet URL, date, page)
  • Summary of article (approx. ½ page)
  • Critique, implications, and opinion (i.e., the “so what” of the article) (approx. ½ page)
  • Please include a link or PDF copy of the article(s) with your submission.

Again, the written report should be limited to one page.

Note: You can use provided article or find any International Management-related article posted within last 90 days. 

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