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Your readings in Allen (2016) this week introduced you to


Your readings in Allen (2016) this week introduced you to three more prominent neo-Freudians who have contributed to our understanding of personality development in different ways. Each of these theorists, Horney, Sullivan and Erickson further extended the work of Freud but in different ways.  Horney addresses the role of anxiety in development as well as the role of culture as a developmental influence. Sullivan focuses on interpersonal relations a a driving force in personality. It was his belief that our interactions with others determine our sense of security and self leading to dynamisms that motivate us to behave in particular ways.  Lastly, Eric Erickson provides a psychosocial developmental model of personality that allows for personality development across the lifespan: a unique concept in contrast to the Freudian tradition.

Your Task

1. Main Entry:  Start a new thread, and update the topic title, identifying the post as uniquely yours (e.g., Joes thoughts on …; Research gone wild…).  Within the body of your post, clearly identify each segment of the required response in order to facilitate discussion development.

a.  Both Horney and Erickson consider the influence of culture on personality development. In what ways does each theorist acknowledge this influence according to Allen (2016)? 

b. Sullivan discusses “personifications” as a core concept in his interpersonal theory of personality. What are personifications and what role do they serve in personality development?

c. Discuss any point in your readings that captured your interest. Explain.

2. Post Constructive Peer Feedback: In addition to posting your Main Entry, respond to at least TWO (2) of your classmates’ entries.  In four (4) or more sentences, provide constructive feedback.  Do you agree with the points presented?  Why?  Do you have some additional thoughts to share?  Share them.  When providing your feedback present the logic behind it.

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