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This discussion is based on a story of an 18-month

This discussion is based on a story of an 18-month old named Josie King that lost her life because of a medical error. Josie’s mother used the settlement money to create the Josie King Foundation to help reduce the mortality rate by encouraging hospitals to adopt patient-safety programs.


  1. Read the Josie’s Story Teaches Hospitals How to Become Safer
  2. Read the following safety techniquies for patients: 
  3. Do the Patient Safety – Quality Improvement activity that will give you some insight into the problem. 
    • Read each of the six (6) modules lessons.
    • Take the end of module check for each lesson.
  4. Watch the Josie King Story video.
  5. Summarize your feelings about Josie and the culture of hiding mistakes and the approximately 98,000 persons that die each year in America because of medical errors.
  6. Summarize as thoroughly and concisely as possible. 
    • Be sure to reference any works that you utilize in answering the questions (Be sure that references are in APA format).

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