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topic is Saas Computing and its impact on the workplace

topic is  Saas Computing and its impact on the workplace

The paper should follow the guidelines of all papers – the title/cover with all names of all contributors, abstract, table of contents and the content (list below) of two pages, and the reference page following all APA formatting requirements.

1.1. Why did your group select the topic for the research project (50-words)?

1.2. What are the major contributions of this project to your organization (70-words)?

1.3. Can this process of research be used in a corporate setting (50-words)?

1.4. How can the Annotated Bibliography be used to understand the benefits of this research (50-words)?

1.5. State the summary of the findings (75-words).

1.6. Indicate the need for future research (50-words)

1.7. State the conclusion (75-words).

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