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write a complete writing that answers a prompt over the

 write a complete writing that answers a prompt over the documentary Killing Us Softly 4 

 you  must include the following parts:

  • An introduction
  • Body paragraphs (you need more than one!)
    • Open with a claim
    • Include evidence from the work
    • Explain how that evidence proves your thesis
  • A conclusion

Grading rubric:

  • Introduction                                                        10
    • Introduces the work
    • Thesis
  • Body paragraphs that answer the prompt    65
    • Topic sentence
    • Provides an example
    • Explains the example
  • Conclusion                                                          10
    • Answers the prompt
    • Restates the thesis
  • Correct grammar                                               15
  • Total                                                                     100


Works Cited

Killborn, Jean. Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women, Prods. Sut Jhally and David Rabinovich, Media Education Foundation, 2010.

Throughout the film, Killborn analyzes commercials to show how they depict women and men in the media. She looks at almost 100 commercials in order to prove her claims about women in the media. You will do something similar when you analyze your ad. Watch closely at how she breaks down a commercial to explain how it represents and reinforces stereotypes about women (and eventually men) in the media.

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