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Comment on at least two of your peers’ posts in

 Comment on at least two of your peers’ posts in the forum. Try to post something substantive…so not just “yeah me too!” type posts! It’s ok if you agree with them or think they stated something well and you can say that, but then explain WHY you agree or state what they said that was particularly helpful to you. You can also disagree as long as you remain polite and constructive. 

Peer 1


To say the least, this is some pretty amazing nanotechnology that Arizona State University (ASU) scientists, in collaboration with researchers from the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) are doing. To be able to alter DNA so that it finds, attaches to and then chokes off the blood supply to a tumor is just out of this world type medicine to me.  Yan (one of scientists) at ASU is talking about and working on DNA Origami.  To date the only type of origami that I had ever heard of was that of folding paper in to special shapes.  They are taking that a step further now using “thrombin molecules.”  They are taking four of these molecules and making a “tube” and loading the medication in to the tube and delivering it through the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream they essentially search the body for the tumor and once they find it they latch on and begin choking the tumor of it blood supply thus killing it. They also wanted to show that their design was safe and effective.  They did that though running trials in mice (finding success), so they took that success and built on it one step further by doing testing in small pigs.  They also seemed to find success there. Yan stated the following “The thrombin delivery DNA nanorobot constitutes a major advance in the application of DNA nanotechnology for cancer therapy,” said Yan. “In a melanoma mouse model, the nanorobot not only affected the primary tumor but also prevented the formation of metastasis, showing promising therapeutic potential.”

Harvard Medical School is also look at DNA modification.  See quote “DNA-based nanobots are also being created to target cancer cells. For instance, researchers at Harvard Medical School in the US reported recently in Science how they made an “origami nanorobot” out of DNA to transport a molecular payload. The barrel-shaped nanobot can carry molecules containing instructions that make cells behave in a particular way. In their study, the team successfully demonstrates how it delivered molecules that trigger cell suicide in leukemia and lymphoma cells.” There are other therapies mentioned in both articles that are working on the same and different methods of nanobots to deliver medicine and genome therapies.  This seems to be the “next” frontier in medicine.  A cure or different cure options for cancer would just be phenomenal.

Although playing devils advocate here for a moment the article “Nanotechnology In Medicine: Huge Potential, But What Are The Risks?” Risks?  There are risks with everything, some small, some large and some harmful.  As the field advances these things must be taken in to consideration.  You don’t really want to help / cure someone with cancer, Parkinson’s, etc. only to kill them via an unproven or dangerous therapy.  Nanotechnology is also being used to modify food.  How is it being used?  The British Parliament stated “This was the view of a science and technology committee of the House of Lords of the British Parliament, who in a recent report on nanotechnology and food, raise several concerns about nanomaterials and human health, particularly the risk posed by ingested nanomaterials.

What are the actual risks (medical / food)?  I don’t think we know yet.

Arizona State University. “Cancer-fighting nanorobots programmed to seek and destroy tumors: Study shows first applications of DNA origami for nanomedicine.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 12 February 2018. <>.

Nanotechnology In Medicine: Huge Potential, But What Are The Risks?Written by Catharine Paddock PhD

Peer 2


Let me preface with when I saw the titles of these articles and began reading all I could think is… this is some Matrix stuff when they had to remove the little robot from Neo’s belly button.  That being said I was not familiar with any of this nanorobot technology in relation to medicine.  I printed both of these articles out and highlighted to high heavens several issues that I personally thought of.  In the article Science Daily it would appear that this research is being done in Beijing, China.  Which made me think we just got over the Wu Flu due we really want Beijing bots? 

All joking aside, some questions that went through my mind as I read was one, if this technology is so great than why aren’t there human trials? If someone is dying of stage four cancer and wanted to participate in this experiment than why aren’t they if it’s so great? Another concern of mine, that was eventually addressed, is all the heavy metals that are associated with these experiments and/or technology.  I’m not sure if everyone is aware of the all harm that heavy metals cause to the body but I would highly recommend doing a Google search and reading about the effects of heavy metals on the body.  The body cannot get rid of heavy metals on its own either, you have to take things specifically to detox the body of heavy metals, I personally use herbs.         

Better yet let’s talk about why we are talking about this technology in the first place in relation to cancer.  We as a society would not be so worried about cancer if it weren’t for all the carcinogens that are in most of our every day lives.  Fun fact, the EU has banned 1,328 chemicals from cosmetics and household products where the US has only banned 11!  Is it any wonder that cancer has become more and more common?  Think about the quality of the food you eat.  Are you eating chemically laced and/or genetically modified food?  Think about the quality of the soil and air in which you live and that the food you eat is coming from.  I have attached a quick article that talks about additives that are used here in the US that are banned in Europe, if any of you are interested.  That’s not even mentioning the radiation that surrounds us from everyday use of electronics, otherwise known as EMF’s.  Constant exposure to these can also cause cell mutation.  Fun fact, iodine can detox the body of radiation.  I personally would use iodine from a naturally occurring food source like seaweed or algae. I also have a special device in my home that neutralizes EMF’s.

Now I want to talk about how there have been several people who have already cured cancer.  Alfredo Bowman aka “Dr. Sebi” is one of those people.  He cured people of cancer, HIV, Aids, ADHD. among many other conditions/diseases and was taken to supreme court because he did all this naturally.  He had the blood work and well documented tests proving he did this all naturally.  Renee Caisse is another person who cured cancer with an herbal remedy.  I encourage all of you to look into both of these people and their incredible stories. You see the pharmaceutical industry does not want people to know how or that you can help your body heal from any disease because you would not be fueling their multi-billion dollar industry.  I have a huge appreciation for science but when the science goes towards pharmaceuticals that’s where it stops for me.  I could really go down that rabbit hole but I will refrain.   

I’m not trying to sound like a jerk, but I have done a substantial amount of research to live as clean and chemical free life as possible.  I am the type of person who questions EVERYTHING!  I do not like to jump on any bandwagon without having all the facts possible.  I choose to use my brain and not rely on others to form opinions for me. to an external site. to an external site.

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