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Drug use among Saudi youth is an increasing concern. Narcotics

 Drug use among Saudi youth is an increasing concern. Narcotics smuggling continues to be a challenge along the border areas. Ministry of Interior (MOI) officials have identified border security as an area of concern and are addressing the issue through additional training and physical barriers. Security officials have encountered armed resistance from traffickers. The media commonly report large drug seizures. Authorities frequently impose capital punishment for drug smuggling. According to the most recent media reporting (January 2020), authorities had executed 184 prisoners. There has been a rise in executions since 2015. In April 2019, the Saudi government executed 37 men in one day, including a prospective college student on his way to the U.S. As of publication, authorities have executed four individuals for drug-related crimes in 2020. Choose one (1) of the following topics to discuss this week:

  • Saudi Arabia regularly enforces the death penalty for drug traffickers, with foreigners being convicted and executed disproportionately.
  • The importation of drugs or medical materials that are not allowed in Saudi Arabia.
  • The importation of prescription drugs is allowed in Saudi Arabia.

How do Saudi Arabian authorities deal with your topic of the international drug trade?  Do you believe it is working?  Explain your thoughts. 

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