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Your Research Paper must include the following: • Introduction: An

Your Research Paper must include the following:

• Introduction: An introduction that articulates the purpose and intent of your paper.

• Deming Portrait and Theoretical Background: Incorporate a brief biography of Deming and be sure to include his contribution to the field of management and why he is considered one of America’s leading management guru’s. Provide background information related to Deming and his theory and approach. 

• Business/Company Overview: Provide an overview and any pertinent information about your company to offer context for your paper. Include information related to their products and services and describe to the best of your ability an outline of the structure and hierarchy of their operations. This should include specifics about their operations management structure as well as company financials, business strategy, and competitors, etc.

• Deming’s Approach: A total of five (5) Deming views, principles, points, beliefs, and/or teachings will be used in your paper. You will demonstrate the juxtaposition between your business’s practices and Deming’s writings. You may show the similarities or the contrasts, but in either case, you must clearly describe the similar or contrasting details. It is also expected that you will explain Deming’s rationale, thinking, or theoretical underpinnings for each element.

• Change Management: You will recommend specific changes to operational practices or cultural behaviors that will bring your business in alignment with a “Deming organization”. Explain why and specify what changes must occur in your business/organization. Again, you must reference the specific Deming views and include a descriptor of each.

• Recommendation(s): To be clear, you must provide recommendations for your business on how they might effectively apply Deming’s approach to influence quality improvement in a way that is noticeable to the customer (be sure to define the customer) and other stakeholders.

• Conclusion: A conclusion that summarizes your findings, recommendations, and learning gained from this assignment.

Your paper should include four (4) peer-reviewed journal articles related to the topic. This paper should be 8-10 pages and written in a scholarly style and in APA format, typed, and double-spaced. It must include a cover page. The cover page includes the title of assignment, class name, student’s name, professor’s name, due date, and Northwest University. Paper format is 1” margins and 12-pt Times New Roman font.

Refer to the posted series of articles by Henry Neave, which explain and examine Deming’s 14 points. This is only one set of references to Dr. Deming’s work. There are many others.

Your assignment is to analyze your chosen business, identify norms and examples in the business culture and behaviors; apply Deming’s management principles, beliefs, and/or teachings for transforming business effectiveness in your selected business.

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