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Lab 7 – IC 1 – Communicating Culture.

The following links provide excellent context for the importance of communication in human resource management and leadership as well as examples of types of internal communication and emerging practices. samples/toolkits/Pages/managingorganizationalcommunication.aspx

This site from a specialist communication firm is an excellent “one stop” resource for employee communication examples, principles, examples and insight.

Leadership vision/mission letter. Leaders inspire their communities through the effective communication of a vision. See the attached links for information, inspirations and examples. letter-to-shareholders.html m

Lab 8 – IC 2 – Recruitment.

Recruitment advertising is a specialized field. Depending on the nature of your recruitment requirements, you may need to market your opportunities in traditional or digital media, or both. See the attached links for information, examples and inspiration.

Lab 9 – IC 3 – Programs & Benefits. There’s a choice of 3 different pieces of communication collateral for this lab.

Program promotion (ad/announcement).

Effective communication of employee programs – whether onboarding, health and wellness, training, volunteerism, self-funded leave or others – is necessary to ensure success. Your organization may be introducing a new program or reminding employees about an existing program. See the attached links for information and examples. TransformingContent-9WaystoReach/DCo-TransformingContent-9WaystoReach-v6.html samples/toolkits/pages/managingorganizationalcommunication.aspx learning-development-employees/why-and-how-to-communicate-learning-development-to- employees.html

Benefits overview. Benefits are an important investment, and benefit communication is a specialized function. See the links below for information and examples. communication communication-survey-results.aspx

Position profile. A recruitment ad and a position profile are not the same thing, but they do work together. A well-written position profile will support attracting the talent your organization is looking for by making sure the tasks, duties, functions and role of the position is clearly communicated. Please see the links below for more information, examples and guides. outstanding-examples outstanding-examples

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