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Competency models identify the skills and qualities a person needs

Competency models identify the skills and qualities a person needs to perform effectively on a job. Many companies use them to align a job analysis with their organizational strategy. For example, large companies, such as Ford Motor Company and General Electric, have used competency models to promote the development of individual knowledge, skills, abilities, and other personal characteristics (KSAOs) consistent with organizational goals. AT&T developed one of the first organizational competency model systems. The model for assessing management was based, in part, on the military assessment programs that you read about in Week 1. AT&T decided to use similar competency models for other positions, which started to create a homogenous organization (Schippmann, 2000).

Post a brief explanation of two advantages and two disadvantages of using competency models compared to using traditional approaches to job analysis for your job or a job with which you are familiar. Explain two potential consequences of customizing competency models to fit your organization. Support your response using Learning Resources and current literature.

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