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Compile a digital guide to all of the mental health


Compile a digital guide to all of the mental health resources in Palm Beach County, Florida. Separate resources by category.  Categories can include community counseling, homeless resources, mental health agencies, substance use treatment centers, halfway and sober homes, child services programs, mental health hospitals, etc. Include the name and contact information for each listing.

  Feel free to create your digital guide using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.
• You must have a minimum of 25 resources within your digital guide.
• Your resources must include resources from a variety of categories. Do not
focus on one area, instead use a variety.  For example: Counseling services for
adults; Counseling services for children; Substance treatment centers;
homeless resources; etc.
• You must separate your resources by category.  Categories can include
Community Counseling for Adult; Community Counseling for Children;
Homeless Resources; Substance Treatment Centers; Halfway and Sober
Homes; Child Services Programs; Mental Health Hospitals; etc.
• Each resource must include:
1. Name of Agency
2. Type of Services
3. Population (age group)
4. Fees and method of payments
5. Eligibility criteria (what are the qualifications for services and how
to access or request services)
6. Service Location(s)
7. Telephone number to access services  

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