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interview a business manager of a major corporation operating in


 interview a business manager of a major corporation operating in the
LA area. Let the interviewee know that you are taking a class related to Business
Responsibilities in Society and that you are required to interview a business manager to find out
some of the challenges corporations face and strategies companies use to meet these challenges.
You are specifically interested in the Business Environment and Business Ethics.
You are to type a summary of the interview—not a list of questions and answers (limit 3 pages
single spaced). In addition to summarizing the information you learned from the interview, you
should relate it to the topics we discussed in class. Your summary should include the following:
1. Tell about at least two challenges that the business faces and the approaches the company
uses to address those challenges.
2. State your opinion about the company’s response to its challenges. How would you
evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s efforts to address these issues? What
additional recommendations could you make regarding these issues?
3. What ethical issues must the company address? How are they addressing these issues? 

Business Responsibilities in Society- MGMT 3080 7
4. Using one or more of the ethical principles discussed in class (virtue, utilitarian, justice,
rights), how would you evaluate the effectiveness of the company in addressing their
ethical issues?
The summary should be turned in through Canvas by the due date. Include the manager’s name,
organization, and title.  

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