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No unread replies.No replies.

Students will select a peer-reviewed journal article related to one or more topics covered in this course and create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 8 slides that summarizes the article.

1. Selected journal articles must be published within the past five (5) years AND come from one of
these approved journal titles: American Journal of Criminal Justice; Crime & Delinquency;
Criminology; Criminology & Public Policy; Feminist Criminology; Journal of Contemporary
Criminal Justice; Journal of Criminal Justice; Journal of Research in Crime & Delinquency;
Justice Quarterly; Law & Society Review; Punishment & Society; Race & Justice.  If you happen to find a peer-reviewed article from another scholarly journal that you prefer, please email me for approval.  These articles will be summarizing research, coming to conclusions and suggesting solutions.  Please do not use any article that simply reports on the facts of case or story-these would not normally be published in scholarly journals.

2. Below is an example of the way your slides should be organized:
Slide 1: Title/Name
Slide 2: Overview of the previous research discussed in the article
Slide 3: Theoretical framework used in the article (e.g., Deterrence Theory)
Slide 4: Data and methods used in the article (e.g., variables, hypotheses)
Slide 5: Results of the study conducted by the author(s) of this article
Slide 6: Policy implications of the study’s results
Slide 7: How/why is this article relevant to our course?
Slide 8: Reference(s)

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