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(Keep in mind that the SDLC can be applied to


(Keep in mind that the SDLC can be applied to almost any activity you encounter, either at work or outside of work.)
One of the biggest problem areas in the SDLC appears during the requirements analysis stage and relates to communication problems between the software developer and the end-user. If misalignment of the end vision is not dealt with at the early stages – the next phase of the process is either forced to be put on hold or the parties continue on unaware leading to the problem being exacerbated in the latter stages.

Respond to the following three questions:

  1. Have you participated in the creation of a project that failed? 
  2. Why did it fail? 
  3. Based on the System Development Life Cycle Model, what could have been done to help the project succeed? 

    Remember, the SDLC can be applied to almost any activity (including meal preparation or a move or buying a car, etc.). If you have never participated in a project that failed, you can use an example of a project that you have heard of or you can just provide your opinion on what you think might be some of the causes of failed projects.  Base your responses on the phases of the SDLC.

If someone is interested in a model that applies to teamwork development, take a look at Tuckman’s model. This .pdf file contains a description of Tuchman and his model.

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