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Assignment Content Please fill out this form (also available in

Assignment Content

  1. Please fill out this form (also available in this week’s folder) to compare and contrast your three research articles (do not include your news article). 
  2. Compare and contrast articles – Form to fill out

     2. Please write part 2 of your literature review. You will be essentially cutting and pasting your three objective summaries under Level II headings (see p 13 in your manuals)
    Put them in an order that makes sense given how you compared and contrasted them.
    Use your transition compare and contrast words (similiar to…etc) !!! (this is also available in this week’s folder)
    compare and contrast words

    Submit BOTH assignments here.

Literature second part 

  1. Put it all together in 1, 2, 3 order! Write your Literature review!

    Use the checklist to be sure you have everything by checking off each item and fixing your draft as you go.

    Submit the marked-up checklist and your literature review here, with a title and references page.

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