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Morrsions report

 choose the Morrisons supermarket CW1 brief For CW1 you are required to deliver a group presentation of no more than 15 minutes, critically examining both the micro and macro environments of your chosen company. Groups will formed of between 4 and 6 students. In addition you will submit a 1500 word Management Report. All group members must submit the group presentation slides in addition to their individual Management Report. This means:  Examining and evaluating the macro environment, stating specific examples of how these factorsinfluence/impact uponthe business operationsof your chosenorganisation.  Examiningand evaluating the industry throughPorter’s FiveForcesmodel.  Stating and examining the capabilities(resourcesand competences)ofthe organisation.  Examiningandevaluatingthe strengths andweaknesses ofthe organisation. Structure of Presentation  Non-anonymous cover sheet: This must contain the names of your team members and their ID numbers; Module title and code; name of your specific seminar tutor; submission date.  Introduction: An introduction to the organisation, its business, its industry and performance  Environmental Audit on the Organisation’s Business Environment, which will include: o An analysis of the organisation’s external macro business environment using the PESTEL framework o An analysis of the organisation’s external micro environment using the Porter’s Five Forcesmodel. o An analysis of the organisation’s internal business environment – specifically the capabilities of the organisation. This will include the use of the VRIOframework. o A critical evaluation of the chosen company’s strategic position, based on an assessment of the organisation’s internal and external business environment using the SWOT/TOWS framework  Conclusions – What conclusions have you drawn regarding the organisation’s competitive potential having embarked on the analysis of the organisation’s business environment Please note that we want you to have the mind-set that you are making a presentation and submitting this Management Report to the Board of Directors for their consideration and understanding. Therefore it must be professional both in content (depth of research and analysis) and presentation (layout and writing style). This assessment requires you to engage with the business models and frameworks typically employed to undertake an environmental audit. When presenting the frameworks do not simply re- create the diagrams. Your role is to apply the frameworks. It is perfectly acceptable to use a series of subheading to delineate the points that you wish to make. Structure of the Management Report  Non-anonymous cover sheet: This must contain the module title and code, assignment title, your name and ID number, name of your specific seminar tutor, submission date and word count  Executive summary: Thisshould present a ‘snapshot’ of the report – What did you find out? What conclusions have you drawn? [This will help you to start formulating the Executive Summary foryourSummative.]

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