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Read the Mitchell (2013) article listed in the required reading list.

Read the Mitchell (2013) article listed in the required reading list. Leading change is an important part of successful project execution and implementation. The nurse leader and project manager should be intimately familiar with a particular change theory that serves as the framework for leading the change represented by a project. Identify your “go-to” change leadership framework and discuss how you will use that framework to guide organizational change.

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Leading change is an essential component of successful project execution and implementation in the medical field. The nursing leader and project manager should be adept at using a change theory as a framework for leading change represented by a project. In this answer, I will identify my preferred change leadership framework and discuss how I will use it to guide organizational change.

My go-to change leadership framework is the Lewin’s Change Management Model. Lewin’s model consists of three stages: unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. The unfreezing stage involves preparing the organization for change by communicating the need for change, creating a sense of urgency, and fostering support from stakeholders. The changing stage involves implementing the change, which can be disruptive and involves conflict management. Finally, the refreezing stage involves stabilizing the change by reinforcing new behaviors, values, and attitudes.

I will use this framework to guide organizational change by first conducting a readiness assessment to determine the organization’s ability to change. Then, I will create a coalition of stakeholders to promote support and identify champions of change. Next, I will communicate the need for change and create a sense of urgency among stakeholders, followed by implementing the change and managing any conflicts that arise.

Finally, I will integrate the change into the organization’s culture and reinforce new behaviors, values, and attitudes to stabilize the change in the refreezing stage. Overall, the Lewin’s Change Management Model is an effective framework that provides a roadmap towards successful organizational change.

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