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Operating characteristics used in selecting the transport modes

Question: Discuss on the operating characteristics used in selecting the transport modes for your organization. (minimum 6 points) Organization details Industry :

Distributor for medical device Mode of transportation needed:

a) Land transport from warehouse to local hospital, clinics and laboratory b) Air transport from local warehouse to another district’s hospital, clinics & laboratory c) Sea freight on very rare occassion Type of goods involved: a) Bulky medical devices machines – weighing 25-250kg, surgical machinery, lasers, camera system etc b) Documents c) Other consumables – liquids bottle, chemicals solutions, papers material, sensitive surgical handpiece, laboratory testing like slides, jar etc etc d) Special condition items: temperature sensitive, hazardous chemicals items eg with hydrogen peroxide, peroxide acid Logistic coverage: International and domestic which requires land transport as well as flight with sea freight on very rare occasion (for big volume liquid items) Warehousing: Own warehouse available (3 different location with placement based on types of items and frequency of movement) Others: Own land transportation (van and lorry) available for local transport. Costing and reliability as main factor in selecting transportation mode. Papers should contain: a) Introduction b) Content – minimum 6 operating characteristics used in selecting transport modes with elaboration c) Conclusions & Recommendation d) References, Bibliographers, Appendixes – emphasizing on citation

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