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Emerging Technology of 5g Network

The report will include analysis of both technical and business aspects of the information technology.

The specific content sections should minimally include: 1) Executive Summary: one paragraph reiterating your key points (e.g., the elevator pitch).

2) Technology Specifications: 1-2 paragraphs providing additional relevant technology details (tables or figures are appropriate here). 3) Business Value: 1-2 paragraphs describing how the technology delivers value (plus tables or figures, if applicable).

4) Example of Usage: 1-2 paragraphs describing a real-world use of technology (tables or figures are appropriate here). 5) Competitive Environment: 1-2 paragraphs describing major competitors, competitive positioning and environment (tables or figures are appropriate here). 6) Analysis: 1-2 paragraphs providing a bottom-line analysis of when, how, and why this technology will be beneficial to potential adopters. 7) Perspective: Your perspective of the technology and why did you choose this technology as your topic. 8) Bibliography and References: Listing of additional resources to learn more (website links). May want to include websites, articles, videos, etc. References: Where did I find the information that I am including in this paper.

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